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Menajera / Ingrijitor Persoane Varstnice UK (Liverpool, Bournemouth, Norwich, Bristol) +Engleza +Referinte ~ £450- £600 / week +Cazare +Masa +Training +Beneficii > click aici

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  • Locatie: Liverpool, UK
  • Titlu job: Menajera / Ingrijitor Persoane Varstnice UK (Liverpool, Bournemouth, Norwich, Bristol) +Engleza +Referinte ~ £450- £600 / week +Cazare +Masa +Training +Beneficii > click aici
  • Tip: Full-Time
  • Salariu: 600 £ / Week
  • Cazare
  • Masa
  • Concediu Platit
  • Contact: Marianne +447765331265
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Live-In Care Assistants Old Persons UK ( Liverpool, Bournemouth, Norwich, Bristol ) +English +References ~ £450- £600 / week + Accommodation +Meal +Training +Benefits ~ 3 months work - 2 weeks off >Apply and we call you ASAP


Live-in carers are those carers who live in the same house with the resident/s they are taking care of - in some cases – 10% - they can take care of 2 elderly, in 90% of the cases they only take care of 1 person )

There carers, beside the fact they need to care that old person ( changing diapers, help to eat, chatting, etc ) need to also clean the house, do the laundry, prepare the meals, probably iron too so take care of the house as well, not only caring.
The carer has 2 hours off per day and they work every day, including weekends.

For this type of job we are looking for women which have at least 6 months working experience which can be proved with references, women who speak very good English ( because they will live alone with the resident, we do not accept candidates with low level of English )

Moneywise, the salary will start from £450 and goes up to £600 / week, depending how difficult it is to take care of that person. If the resident is really ill and needs lots of attention, salary only goes higher.

-When the candidate arrives in UK will have a week of training, paid by the employer.
-During the training they will stay in a hotel. After the training they start working; as long as they work, the rent and meals are free of charge.
-The transport to the UK is paid by the candidate;
-During the training, the candidate will need money for food.
-Women will be working 2-3 months on, 1-2 weeks off, they go home, relax a bit and after they can come back.
-Location wise, could be pretty much anywhere in England. We are not talking about the whole UK, just England. North – Liverpool, South – Bournemouth, East – Norwich, West – Bristol (within these cities ).